This website exists as a resource page for the following class, offered at Acts Fellowship Church in Austin, Texas:

There’s Jesus in My Anime! Approaching Anime and Other Media Through a Christian Lens

Why are we so quick to leave our Christian identity behind when we view media? We seem to check Jesus at the door (or computer monitor) while we numb our minds with endless hours of gaming, YouTube, and Netflix. But why can’t we engage our minds and hearts with the gospel message while consuming entertainment? We can, and should. Humanity is reaching out to God, whether they know it or not, and it’s written all over videos and other media – even forms created by non-Christian cultures for a non-Christian audience. In this class, we’ll watch the anime series, Haibane Renmei, and see how a piece of Japanese animation can reveal gospel truths, while also preparing our minds for approaching media with a Christian perspective and using the world around us to reach others for Christ.

About the Church

Acts Fellowship Church meets in Austin, Texas. Originally established as an English-speaking ministry of Korean Baptist Church of Austin, Acts became autonomous in 2004. The congregation “seeks to glorify God through the three Greats of the Bible: the Great Commandment; the Great Community, and the Great Commission.”

acts 2

About the Editor

Charles Sadnick, the developer and teacher of this class, is the creator of Beneath the Tangles, a website that examines anime, manga, and other Japanese media from a Christian perspective. He currently writes for Area of Effect magazine.

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