Catching Up on Haibane Renmei

Missed a class or two? Missed the entire class so far? No worries! This post will quickly catch you up on what’s been happening in Haibane Renmei, the anime we’re watching during our after-church class at Acts.

Anime Breakdown

This is Rakka:

art by yasu | reprinted w/permission
art by yasu | reprinted w/permission

Rakka is a haibane. The haibane are born into the town of Glie looking like humans, but with wings (and are later given halos). They live under certain rules and are protected, in a way, by the townspeople. There is a group that welcomes Rakka, the newest haibane, into their world – these young ladies all live in a monastery-like structure called “Old Home.”

haibane 1

This is Reki (on the left):

haibane 7

Reki is an older sister figure to the haibane. And while she cares for the haibane now, and especially Rakka, she’s kept somewhat hidden a past that includes many regrets – we’ll learn more about that in class this week.

The haibane’s world is shaken up when one of their own, Kuu, leaves them. It becomes apparent that the haibane exist in Glie for one reason – to leave it behind. And as we’ll find, Rakka, who has struggled already with being in this world, can’t accept that.

Class Lessons

In our discussion, we’ve also emphasized the idea that we should be smart consumers of media. We need to question why we’re watching the media we watch and what it means. What we bring in through our eyes has some effect on us – is it causing us to sin? Or might it have the power to do the opposite, to encourage us in our walks?

Not only should we be careful about what we watch, but we think process what we’ve seen. And in doing so, we might discover that some – or even most – of our entertainment tells us pieces of the gospel message, which maybe shouldn’t come as a surprise as all media is created by those who were made to desire a relationship with God, even if they don’t know it.

We have a few more classes left – I hope you’ll consider trying it out and continue coming out if you already have! See you on Sunday!

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