The Residents of Old Home

It’s sometimes confusing matching character names with faces – it’s especially true with Haibane Renmei. Here’s a quick guide to each of the characters to help you remember who’s who.

haibane renmei 2

haibane 17aRakka: The main character of Haibane Renmei is haunted by the past she can’t remember. It’s through her eyes that we see the world of the series, learning about it as she does. Rakka’s name means “falling” and she wears a white dress resembling a seifuku (Japanese school uniform).

haibane 17bReki: One of the oldest Haibane, Reki cares for the “little feathers.” Her take-charge mentality and habit of smoking cover the fact that something frequently on her mind distracts her.

haibane 17cNemu: “Sleepy” Nemu is about the same age as Reki and works in the library. Once constantly at war with Reki, Nemu has calmed some as she’s aged, but is still sometimes a grump.

haibane 17dHikari: The blonde, bespectacled Hikari works at a bakery. As the holder of the mold for halos, Hikari has natural leadership qualities, which belie her mischievous side.

haibane 17eKana: The boyish-dressed Kana is perhaps the loudest of the Haibane, never failing to make her opinion known. She has a distaste for crowd and a passion for clocks.

haibane 17fKuu: Hoping for a younger Haibane, Kuu was a little disappointed that Rakka was born older than her, leaving her as the youngest of the group. She’s kind and earnest, and has surprising maturity for her age.

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